As a company comprised of experienced educators, we know the challenges teachers face on a daily basis. We understand the time and effort it takes to track scores of data and report it to school administrators. We've experienced the long nights and short weekends necessary to grade papers, revise lesson plans, and keep parents informed of student progress. So we created the best interactive classroom management system yet: Virtual Para. Virtual Para is a powerful tool made by teachers, for teachers. And because of our own experiences in the classroom, we set out to make the education experience better and more streamlined for everyone involved: for teachers, administrators, parents, and students. The less time teachers spend completing daily "housekeeping" tasks, the more time we can spend teaching. The more time teaching, the more students learn. The more students learn, the better the future -- for all of us.

Everything that teachers need for effective classroom management is easy with Virtual Para.

Virtual Para will do the following, and more:
  • Record grades, attendance, and student behavior and performance
  • Classify assignments to grasp student performance by category
  • Compute students' average and highest scores, total point score, and letter grades
  • Assess student performance daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Conduct mini-lessons
  • Lead students in guided instruction
  • Assign individual or group work
  • Conference with students
  • Assign homework
  • Hand out and collect exit slips
  • Manage student passes (bathroom, nurse, water, locker, etc.)
  • Manage classroom discipline and other aspects of classroom management
  • Maintain attendance logs and grade books
  • Identify, review and assess both individual and class objectives and goals
  • Assess students using various questioning techniques, quizzes and tests
  • Use data to properly reinforce and differentiate instruction to assist students in building a strong academic foundation; and
  • Communicate easily with all relevant parties regarding student achievement and academic growth performance.